Two videos suggest you’re not partying ‘hard enough’

Both videos show two men acting stupidly and probably out of character.

Two bizarre videos of men involved in random acts of crazy have surfaced and suggest many of us are mere mortals compared to these men who seem to be from Mount Olympus.

The first video, alleged to be from an Engine garage in Hatfield, shows a man in the early hours of the morning, stupidly pushing a food shelf to the ground.

The motive for the Hulk-like behavior is still unknown, although the man’s brute strength is overshadowed by his chimp-like acts of throwing food at some of the staff afterwards. We assume the man had one or two drinks too many – or maybe too many fizzy drinks – as the reason for his apparent madness.

The second video gets even more bizarre as a man dives through a window at what appears to be a house party. The man, who can be seen losing his footing as people try to check if he is OK, makes a shocking discovery – that he doesn’t have to use the door for his exit, but instead, has the window option.

He can be seen diving through the window. Moments later, he resurfaces and gives a freakish scream, as though to inform onlookers that he had survived the dive, including the landing.

Things get interesting when no one seems to care about the lone ranger who was willing to jump through a window.

Watch video below:

The man’s questionable dive sort of looks almost identical to…

NOTE: The Citizen does not condone or endorse any of the acts in the videos. Videos were taken off social media and the publications warns against any attempt to emulate or imitate the actions in the two videos.

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