Video of traffic officer dancing to direct traffic goes viral 

A Facebook user uploaded a video of a traffic officer dancing while directing traffic at an intersection in Johannesburg, and social media users are impressed.

An uplifting video of a traffic officer adding dance styles to directing traffic is going has grown popular on social media.

Facebook user Murray Kernick uploaded the video of the traffic officer conducting traffic at lunchtime on Saturday, and by Monday morning, the video had already been viewed nearly 270 000 times. It has been shared more than 7 000 times.

Kernick said in the post: “Directing traffic South African style! Classic 

According to the Good Things Guy, the video was taken at the intersection of Witkoppen and Cedar roads in Fourways, Johannesburg. The Good Things Guy further said the traffic officer’s actions showed that she “absolutely loves her job”.

Similarly, there were many positive comments of how it showed she appreciated her job. Gert Louw wrote: “That’s great to see a few of the people enjoy the job that they are good at. Thanks for the smile you provided to the people.”

Bronwyn Quinn Stoyell wrote: “Love it, pity we can ALL be like this. Lovely attitude and what a way to put a smile on everyones faces.”

Katalina Alefosio wrote: “This really makes me laugh but she’s having fun good on u lady good job.”

Many others commented on how the traffic officer’s actions displayed a uniquely local flare. Peter J W Hayward wrote: “Thats why I love Africa and her people!”

Jane Corby wrote: “Classic. Always something to laugh about here!!”

Watch Kernick’s video here:

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