WATCH: Indians are the most racist in the world, says Mandela’s former bodyguard

Sam Prakash accused some Indians of 'exploiting' other races.

Former Nelson Mandela bodyguard Sam Prakash seems to be on the same page with the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) leader Julius Malema when it comes to racism and Indians.

Prakash told a dialogue on race relations between Africans and Indians in Durban on Thursday night that “Indians are the most racist people in the world”.

In two videos posted by an eNCA reporter on Twitter, Prakash said the main problem was exploitation of other races by some well-off Indians.

“Indians are the most racist people in the world. You must accept that. That is factual, you will never change that. Even in the Indian community, you have certain different classes, they practise racism amongst themselves, whether that overlaps into Africans – that’s another story – and the class system is destroying South Africa, whether you are Indian, white or coloured.

“It is always mentioned in the media that Indians are exploiting the blacks. Yes, to a certain extent, those Indians that are exploiting the blacks are not those that are coming from the township,” he said.

His remarks come three months after Malema said the majority of Indians are racist.

Malema had said Indians and Coloureds had more resources than Africans during apartheid.

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