The top 5 bathroom plants for your bathroom

Indoor plants are trending. Here are five plants that will thrive in your bathroom.

While bringing the outdoors indoors is a trend when it comes to one’s home, there’s no reason why you can’t take a bath while feeling like you’re on a tropical island.

These five indoor plants are sure to thrive in your bathroom:

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UFO plant

This cute, playful plant will add life to your bathroom instantly. Also referred to as a pancake plant, it’s flat, round leaves make for a fun bathroom display when it comes to pot plants in your home. The Pilea Peperomioides is said to thrive in tropical environments, while it still needs some indirect light.

UFO Plant
UFO plant. Image: iStock


If you’re looking for a plant that makes a statement, this is the one. The Calathea has colourful, waxy leaves that will surely serve as a final touch to your bathroom’s look and feel.

They do grow quite big, so it’s ideal to start them in a pot on a shelf and then transfer them to a larger pot on the floor.

Calathea. Image: iStock

Heartleaf philodendron

These brightly coloured, heart-shaped leaves will bring a playful flair to what could be an awfully dull bathroom space. It not only looks charming, but it also assists in cleaning the air.

Another bonus is that this plant is very hardy, so if you’re a beginner when it comes to indoor and bathroom plants, it’s probably one of the bests to start off with. It also grows quite fast.

Heartleaf Philodendron
Heartleaf philodendron. Image: iStock


Orchids are tropical plants and therefore work perfectly well as bathroom plants. Although they can cope with humidity, they do like drier soil, so it’s suggested that they be used in larger, airier bathrooms.

Orchids are at their happiest in bright, indirect light.

Orchids. Image: iStock


Ferns are ideal for a bathroom as they love high humidity, average lighting and consistent moisture. Whether you choose the autumn fern, the macho fern or the birds nest fern, you’ll set yourself up for success when it comes to keeping bathrooms plants alive.

When choosing plants for your bathroom, look for those plants that can cope with humidity and moisture – plants that would ideally survive in a rain forest.

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Birds nest fern
Birds nest fern. Image: iStock

Which plants won’t work in your bathroom?

Succulents, fruiting plants, Jade and Hibiscus are all plants that won’t do well in a bathroom space. The go-to question when choosing plants is: “Which region is this plant originally from?”.

If it’s from a semi-arid area, it will need lots of sun and little moisture, which means a bathroom is a no-go.

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