Two schools closed in Gauteng over growing cases of Covid-19

Krugersdorp High School has identified 11 positive cases while St John’s College identified six.

The Gauteng department of education has suspended academic activities at two schools in Gauteng as concerns grow over the spike of Covid-19.

These are St John’s College and Krugersdorp High School in Johannesburg.

Department spokesperson Steve Mabona said that the department had teamed up with the provincial department of health and the school health teams to conduct contact tracing and tracking at schools across Gauteng.

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“We can confirm that a decision has been made in consultation with the department of health, district directors and the department of education to suspend academic activities at Krugersdorp High School and St John’s College as a means of managing several Covid-19 cases in each school,” Mabona said.

The schools will be closed from Wednesday, 12 May until 17 May 2021.

Krugersdorp High School identified 11 positive cases while St John’s College identified six positive cases. These cases were immediately requested to go into self-isolation.

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Krugersdorp High School Principal Ivan Bailey said that the school had complied with all health protocols and engaged with the department to ensure learners’ safety.

He said it was “extremely difficult to control” as they were dealing with teenagers.