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By Enkosi Selane

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WATCH: Hlaudi Motsoeneng wants to give cleaners R15k a month (VIDEO)

Motsoeneng promises to pay cleaners and low skilled job employees R15K.

Former South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) chief operating officer (COO) and African Content Movement (ACM) political party founder Hlaudi Motsoeneng had social media in a buzz when he proposed a minimum wage increase for cleaners and security guards.

Speaking on Kaya959 this week, Hlaudi said under his presidency it would be illegal to pay people anything less than R10 000.

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‘I don’t negotiate’ – Motsoeneng

He said he was not promising anyone millions, however, everyone would get a “living wage”.

“You can’t pay people R10 000 a month, that is me. Even a cleaner, or a gardener.

“A cleaner, [will be paid] R15 000,” he added.

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When asked how he would achieve this, Motsoeneng said should he be president, this would be one of the issues he was not going to negotiate.

“If I say these things are not assisting our people, I don’t negotiate. Go and ask the SABC, they will tell you I don’t negotiate,” he said.

He said he would make it a crime to not follow the “regulation of the country”.

Motsoeneng vs ANC on unemployment

The ACM leader slammed the ruling ANC for dragging their feet on employment.

He said the party lacked innovation, which he believed was the primary cause of unemployment.

He also claimed social grants destroyed people’s future, because recipients do not work and depend on government handouts.

“You can’t grow an economy if you give people grants,” he added.

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Social media reactions

Some called for the charismatic ex-SABC boss to be elected president after his remarks, while others dismissed it as all electioneering talk.