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Fisticuffs: Wife-beater Jaco Swart wanted for alleged assault on female cop

Convicted wife-beater Jaco Swart is facing a new charge of assault...this time for 'severely injuring' a policewoman.

Jaco Swart made national headlines last year after shock video footage of the Cape Town businessman brutally assaulting his wife, Nicoleen Swart, went viral on social media.

The 39-year-old Swart, who has reportedly fled to the United Kingdom (UK), pleaded guilty to two charges of assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

The footage, however, never made it to the courtroom due to its authenticity being “unclear”.

Convicted wife-beater Jaco Swart

 Cape Town businessman Jaco Swart was recorded assaulting his wife on surveillance cameras at their business in 2018. Photo: Screengrab

Swart was fined R20,000 and given a three-year prison sentence, suspended for five years. AfriForum’s private prosecution unit represented his estranged wife and described the sentence as “shockingly inappropriate”.

The civil rights organisation subsequently released the CCTV footage which captured him brutalising, pushing, punching and kicking Nicoleen at the couple’s business in 2018.

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Shock viral footage of assault

WARNING: The footage below is graphic and may disturb some readers.

In another video, Swart is seen hitting, punching and strangling his wife in bed while their minor daughter tries to intervene.

Swart faces new charge of assault on policewoman

Spokesperson for AfriForum’s private prosecution unit, Barry Bateman, revealed on Wednesday that Swart is now facing a new charge of assault, this time for allegedly “severely injuring” a female police officer.

He says police have previously tried to serve a summons on Swart in connection with a fraud matter registered at the Sinoville Police Station, in Pretoria, but he could not be located.

According to Bateman, the latest assault case allegedly took place in January 2022.

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Latest case of assault: As it happened according to AfriForum

AfriForum’s private prosecution unit is representing Warrant Officer Sonja Albertyn who is said to have responded to a neighbour’s call to remove Swart from her property after he refused to leave. 

It is alleged that Swart was intoxicated at the time and when Albertyn arrived, he allegedly locked the security gate to prevent the complainant from leaving.

“Albertyn put her hand through the security gate and told Swart not to close the door. Despite this, and knowing she was a police officer, he allegedly used force and slammed the door on her arm causing damage to her tendon. Albertyn called for police backup and Swart eventually left the property, ” Bateman said.

Criminal complaint

The organisation said Albertyn filed a criminal complaint against Swart at the Brackenfell police station.

Bateman stated that the Director of Public Prosecutions in the Western Cape, Advocate Nicolette Bell, only signed the nolle prosequi certificate on 26 May 2023. 

In terms of the applicable legislation, there is a three-month time limit within which to initiate the private prosecution against an accused. Hence, the summons being applied for and issued at the Kuils River Magistrate’s Court on 9 June 2023.

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AfriForum: Swart ‘working in UK’ a stumble block in serving summons

AfriForum said it had received information that Swart was working illegally in the UK which made it difficult to serve the summons due to his unknown whereabouts. As such, it was unlikely he would appear in court on 14 August.

  • Afriforum is appealing to anybody with information about his whereabouts, to send information to onsvervolg@afriforum.co.za.

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