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WATCH: Wife of slain cop Charl Kinnear fears for her life

Nicolette Kinnear said she remains determined to pursue justice for her slain husband, Charl.

The widow of slain police detective Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear says she fears for her life after her security detail has been withdrawn.

Nicolette Kinnear has been attending the trial of the 14 men behind the murder of her husband in the Western Cape High Court.

Alleged underworld kingpin Nafiz Modack, along with former professional rugby player Zane Killian, have been charged with the murder of Kinnear.

Watch Charl Kinnear’s wife, Nicolette, saying she will not be intimidated after the removal of her security detail

Modack, Killian and the other suspects are facing murder, attempted murder, racketeering and various other charges relating to the top cops death.

Fearing for life

Nicolette said she is being intimidated for opening a culpable homicide case against those implicated in an Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) investigation.

She said she received a notice about the withdrawal of the security detail from General Beaton about two weeks ago.

“He informed me that they intend withdrawing the guarding. That instruction came from the provincial commissioner, so I asked for the instruction on writing.”

Nicolette said despite security personnel reporting for duty as usual, they were suddenly ordered to leave on Sunday, a day before the trial by a captain, acting on instructions from the station commander, who had apparently bypassed the colonels in charge of her security detail.

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Nicolette said she now feared for her life now that the security detail has been withdrawn.

“My children are paranoid and afraid, obviously. It is no secret that their dad was investigating police officers, and it is also no secret what our own investigations have revealed. We know that some of the accused appearing in court for his murder have strong links to generals in this province, and that is no secret … I think people are using the rank and their stars and stripes to intimidate us.”

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Nicolette said she remained determined to pursue justice for her husband.

“Everybody knows that I’ve opened up the culpable homicide docket which is against everyone implicated in the IPID report. It has come out that their senior managers have been mentioned in the report.

“So, is this a means of intimidation, are they trying to bully me, scare me because I am not going anywhere and that culpable homicide docket is not going anywhere,” Nicolette said.

Kinnear was shot and killed, metres away from the driveway of his home in September 2020. At the time of his death, he was investigating high profile cases within the Anti-Gang Unit.

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