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Woman forced to close company because husband refuses to watch child after 3 days

Women across the world are choosing to leave the workforce to take care of their children as schools remain closed, and responsibilities mount.

Aimee, a 46-year old toddler mom who is the CEO of a tech company decided to close down shop during the coronavirus pandemic, according to The Lily. She made this decision not because the business was struggling. She shut her business down and retrenched 13 employees because she did not have the time to work anymore.

Her husband held down the fort for three days so that she could work, but after three days of this new arrangement, the dad said he could no longer look after their son. After three days, Aimee’s husband gave up on taking care of the baby and told her “I can’t do it,” she remembers him saying: “I can’t watch him for this long.”

After schools closed and losing a client, Aimee decided that she had to make a tough choice. “I had to choose being a mother and being at home.”

Childcare was no longer an option, and Aimee could not put in the 70-hour workweek as she normally had.

Aimee had to completely remove her work hat in order to be mom, teacher, and wife.

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