Hagen Engler
4 minute read
28 Jan 2021
1:46 pm

Our shared social-media reality: We know more things, more superficially

Hagen Engler

Social media is not just about media platforms that we use to socialise. It is also becoming the topic of conversation we cling to in our 'real lives'.

Picture: iStock

I’ve recently made a new friend. But even the levels of this thing called friendship are so complex these days. We have been Twitter mutuals for about a decade, but only found occasion to meet in real life over the past fortnight or so. In a way, we’ve been friends for ten years. On another level, we only met the other day when we went for a coffee. Meeting in person is different. There is a certain private intimacy that is not available on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. (Though possibly on WhatsApp.) After some weeks of quarantine, it was a...