1 minute read
17 Apr 2021
3:31 pm

Power to people against potholes


The Johannesburg Roads Agency must take a leaf out of these residents’ books and see what can be done in a day if they put their minds to it.

A pothole is seen in Kelly Avenue, Boskruin, 18 February 2021. Picture: Michel Bega

  Potholes, the bane of motorists’ lives. Take a drive on our roads and it’s near impossible not encountering one on any given trip. It’s not even rain season, yet potholes are everywhere. The damage potholes cause to your tyres is severe, often leading to accidents and costly repairs. Calls to the authorities at the Johannesburg Roads Agency mostly fall on deaf ears and when they are eventually attended to, they open up in a matter of weeks, becoming bigger and causing even more damage. With this in mind, it’s wonderful to see what a bit of teamwork can achieve....