Eric Naki
Political Editor
3 minute read
26 Jul 2021
4:50 am

Ramaphosa must start firing some of his ‘ineffective’ ministers

Eric Naki

Following the failure of his security cluster to get ahead of recent violence, there are calls for some ministerial heads to roll.

President Cyril Ramaphosa inspects damage done at Jabulani Mall in Soweto, 18 July 2021, after the mall experienced rampant looting last week. The President took part in post-riot clean-up efforts and inspections of the various sites on Nelson Mandela Day. Picture: Michel Bega

Amid reports of an imminent Cabinet reshuffle and concern for his broken security cluster, President Cyril Ramaphosa last night presided over his family meeting under pressure to get rid of his security cluster ministers. Political experts said the security crisis around recent violence meant Ramaphosa had already made up his mind about problems in the cluster. They believed he should implement a Cabinet reshuffle that would result in a complete reconfiguration of the security cluster. Political analyst Professor Andre Duvenhage said: “What the president needs at the moment is a clean-up operation, but do we have people to do the...