Marizka Coetzer
2 minute read
7 Oct 2021
7:16 am

‘Too many killings’ – Skierlik residents have little faith in mobile police station

Marizka Coetzer

Residents questioned Cele’s visit shortly ahead of municipal elections.

Picture: iStock

Scepticism ruled about Minister of Police Bheki Cele’s plan to fight the crime in Skierlik informal settlements in Mamelodi East with the opening of a mobile police station on Wednesday. “There are too many robberies and people killed here,” said Arab Abraham, whose family owned 30 spaza shops in the area, including in Skierlik. Last month, one of his shops was robbed three times, leaving one customer dead. “When we phone the police it takes them four hours to respond,” he said. Abraham said one of his shops was targeted at least twice a week. His cousin, Fashaah, has survived...