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PICTURES: Residents race to raise funds

The race contributed to the upliftment of the environment.

OVER a hundred residents who participated in the Yellowwood Park Sports Club’s Amazing Race dashed across the community to raise funds for the club with challenges that contributed to the upliftment of the environment.

Twenty-four teams, which was made up of 120 residents, put their best foot forward as they hit the road armed with race packs that held the clues for them to get from one challenge to the next.

The club’s Nadene Lotz, said the teams took off, guns blazing, until they looked at the clues and realised that they were in for a challenging day.

A Fear Factor challenge made grown men scream, while the paintball challenge at the Harlequins Sports Club added to the cheer and camaraderie among participants.

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“Building sandcastles on the beach was complemented by a river clean-up, and participants also made a stop at the Yellowwood Conservancy, where they ran around in the bush and picked up litter from the bottom of Coedmore Road. We are proud to have been able to bring another leg of the Amazing Race to residents from in and around Yellowwood Park, who excitedly supported the fundraising initiative, which also enhanced our environment. We thank everyone who played a part in the success of this amazing event,” said Lotz.

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