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Yellowwood Park resident met by ‘slithering surprise’

Warren Dick says residents should not panic if they encounter a snake.

FOR professional snake catcher and photographer Warren Dick, receiving a call about a green mamba that was lurking in a home in Yellowwood Park caught him by surprise, but also left him feeling skeptical.

“I am always a bit skeptical because every second call I get is for a ‘green mamba’, and it is often ends up being a spotted bush snake. However, the homeowner who had called me was convinced she was looking at a green mamba on the beams of her log cabin. Her description of the snake and the fact she lived next to the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve got me on my way in a hurry,” he said.

Warren said when he arrived he found the snake curled up in a very hard to get to spot and that there was a shade cloth attached to the beams of the roof.

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“I definitely asked myself ‘How’ more than once, as I was not quite sure how to get to the snake. There were also many escape holes at the top of the roof, so I did not fancy my chances at all. However, the homeowner gave me a fishing gaff and told me to remove the mesh on both sides. I then used a hook stick to stroke the snake and see where it came out. It started to move and I managed to hook it.

“I then pulled gently wondering what end of the snake I had and to my absolute delight I had the head end. I quickly grabbed the snake with my crab stick and pulled gently. Due to it moving, it was slipping out the snake tongs and I had to use another pair of tongs to get its mid-body and let go of the head before it possibly got hurt. I was then able to get it safely down to the ground and pin it down.

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“After a few disappointing calls lately, it was nice to rescue this beautiful 1.8 meter long green mamba. There is a small population of them in the nature receive, but this is the first time I have received a call about one being sighted or in a home in the last 10 years or so as a professional snake catcher,” he said.

Warren said residents should not panic if they encounter a snake.

“Always try to keep calm and keep an eye on the snake from distance if you intend getting a professional to remove it. You also should not try to catch or handle the snake as that may cost you a lot money in medical bills or worse,” he said.

Warren said after a brief show and tell at the Crow, the green mamba was released away from humans.


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