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Rugby inspires player to ‘live in the moment’

The team will be playing against the DUT team at Kings Park Stadium (KP6), on April 29, at 13:00.

HAVING played various sports which developed her ‘ball skills’ at a young age, Janelle Rademeyer, was able to easily take on rugby.

Rademeyer, 33, who lives on The Bluff, is currently the fly-half (number 10) for the Optimum Lady Quins rugby team.

A fly half is responsible for orchestrating a team’s attack and defense. Rademeyer said she decided to play rugby earlier this year.
“My partner joined the team last year, and after I watched a few of their matches I loved every second of it and the team aspect of the sport, so I decided to officially join.

“Now that I am part of the team, I like how the sport challenges and forces me to make quick decisions while under pressure. I do feel nervous when we first get on the field, but as soon as the game starts all those feelings disappear and my focus is just on the game,” she said.

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Rademeyer, a personal trainer, said one of the qualities that one needs to possess is to know how to be a good team player.

“You need to be able to work well with others and handle criticism which helps to improve your skills on the field. You also need to have endurance as you are constantly moving on the field,” she said.

Rademeyer added that there were also many benefits from playing rugby. “Apart from learning to work well within a team, rugby also helps you build confidence and improve your fitness and strength.”

Rademeyer said. While she does worry about suffering serious injuries, her motto is to ‘live in the moment’.

“If I had to get seriously injured, it would prevent me from competing in bodybuilding shows. However, it is the risk I’m taking as I want to enjoy life and not be afraid anymore. I always try my best. It is also the thrill that keeps me going, and making that successful tackle is such a good feeling,” she said.

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She said her favourite team is the Black Ferns, a New Zealand women’s rugby union team.

“I love how well they work with each other, as well as their game play which is extremely structured. Their backline players are also the quickest I have ever seen, which also inspires me,” she said.

Rademeyer said her hope for team this season is to win more matches.

“We have many matches lined up for the year so I hope that we can bring home more victories. I also hope that with each match we continue to improve.” Rademeyer said her advice to aspiring rugby players to join a team and keep practising.

“By practising you will build skills and confidence. Make sure to absorb as much information as you can about the sport, listen to the advice as well as criticism as it will only make you a better player. But, remember to always have fun,” she said.

The team will be playing against the DUT team at Kings Park Stadium (KP6), on April 29, at 13:00.

Women interested in joining the team, can attend one of their training sessions held on Mondays and Wednesdays, between 17:30 and 19:30 at the club situated at 50 Garcin Place on The Bluff.

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