Leigh Crymble
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15 Jul 2014
3:00 pm

Sugar, we’re coming to Joburg – Fall Out Boy

Leigh Crymble

With less than two months to go until the inaugural I Heart Joburg Music Festival, fans are getting increasingly excited about spending a day in the musical company of international superstars and local talent.

COMING SOON. The guys from Fall Out Boy.
Picture: Steyn Entertainment

Hosted by Steyn Entertainment, the festival will feature local artists including Zebra & Giraffe, CrashCarBurn, iFani, The Graeme Watkins Project, Kwesta and international acts T-Pain, Panic! at the Disco, Jessie J, Jason Derulo, and B.0.B.

In addition, one of the biggest acts heading to our shores will be American rock band Fall Out Boy.

Here we chat exclusively to the band’s bassist, Pete Wentz, about his upcoming trip to South Africa.

What kind of show can we expect from you and the band at the festival?

We’ve been to Johannesburg once before and it was probably one of the greatest experiences for our band. It was just such a different world to anywhere else we’ve been. So, for us, our biggest hope is to come and play a memorable show.

And music wise? Will your focus be more on the new repertoire from your latest album?

We’ve got a different catalogue of music since the last time we visited so we’re excited about coming back and playing some of our newer songs – as well as the old favourites. We’re keen to showcase our new album, Save Rock and Roll. With our new album we did the majority of the lyrics ourselves, which always adds something special to the process. We hope the sincerity of what we’ve written comes through with the music.

Which song will you enjoy performing the most?

In terms of my favourite song we’ve done, I really like Save Rock and Roll because it speaks to where we’re at as a band now. I don’t think we could have written that song 10 years ago, so it’s a very important one to me. I’ll also always have a fond affection for Sugar, We’re Going Down because I think that’s the song that really put us on the map and on the music radar. It’s a calling card for us.

Is it true that your dad helped with the lyrics of that particular song?

I’ve read that online but I don’t know where that rumour came from. My dad’s a smart guy, he has influenced a lot of what I’ve done, and I have no doubt he could have helped write them, but in this case he didn’t. I guess we can dispel that myth officially for the first time – that’s a Fall Out Boy world exclusive!

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You’ve all visited South Africa before, but are you looking forward to seeing more of our country?

Yes, absolutely. We’re going to try to travel your country a bit more. We want to see a reserve or park of some kind. That’s what they’re called, right? We’re looking forward to seeing your beautiful animals again. It’s just so different to anything we’re used to back home.

What about the other international artists performing. Do you know any of them? Who are you excited to meet?

Jason Derulo is awesome; I’ve known him for a while so will be great to see him perform at the music festival. I’m also keen to meet Jessie J – I haven’t met her before but I like her stuff. All the artists performing are great.

Do you and the band get nervous before your big performances?

We don’t tend to get too anxious before playing. I do sometimes worry about whether the crowd will pitch up and if they’ll be into what we’re doing on stage. But as far as playing itself, once that adrenaline kicks in, you just want to go out there and do it.

A final message for your fans?

We’re excited to come to the I Heart Joburg Music Festival and very excited to see all of our South African fans! See you in September!


The I Heart Joburg Music Festival takes place on September 6 at Ellis Park.

  • It starts at 11am and will run until 11pm.
  •  Ticket prices range from R520- R1185 and are available from Computicket.
  •  Park and ride facilities are available


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