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By Vhahangwele Nemakonde

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Eight extreme activities to do in the Drakensberg

Whether you're a nature lover or someone who prefers to live on the edge, the Drakensberg caters for you.

Though the Northern Drakensberg may be famous for its majestic mountains – which are a marvel to see – it is also a place that offers everything for everyone, be it nature lovers or adventurers. Driving through the mountains, which gives you a beautiful view of everything below – even in the dark, can be exhilarating enough, but stargazers would appreciate the visibility of stars in the absence of light pollution.

You also smell nothing else but the clean, unpolluted air.

The Drakensberg is still battling the unrepentant cold weather in August – with cold nights and mornings and scotching hot afternoons, but the Alpine Heath Resort has its visitors covered.

Surrounded by the majestic mountains, the Alpine Heath Resort is self-catering mountain village perfectly suited for group travel as it boasts 100 chalets – each with three bedrooms, a spacious living room and kitchen.

The Gruyéres Restaurant, or Pizza Inferno Pizzeria, and bar are there for those who do not feel like preparing their own drinks and food.

Just outside the village, those who are keen on horse riding also get a share of their fun.

Picture: KwaZulu-Natal Tourism

The village is also a perfect place for adventure lovers as it is close to All Out Adventures in Bergville – for adults and kids.

Some of the activities were:


Price: R170 per person

Daredevils can get on a two-stage cable slide from a 25m treetop platform. There is a 120kg weight limit for the activity.

Picture: KwaZulu-Natal Tourism


King Swing

Price: R170 per person

This is a 17-metre free-fall and swing from a treetop suspension bridge. The king swing is definitely not for those with a fear of heights as it is accessed through a staircase and a few steps on a suspension bridge towards the jumping point. Although All Out Adventures said it was 17 metres high, it does not look like it.

You will probably fight with your instructor too, who will be repeatedly asking you to move towards the edge of the bridge to prepare for a fall. The jump and first swing will have you feeling like your soul is fighting to escape your body and your vocal cords will let out a sound you probably haven’t heard before. It becomes fun to swing from one end to the other from there, until you’re low enough to stand on your feet.

There is a 120kg weight limit.

Picture: KwaZulu-Natal Tourism.


Price: R330 per person

Although fun, this is one of the most physically-taxing activities at All Out Adventures. For R330, you get 200 balls, high powered guns and overalls (you don’t get to keep them). If you don’t like hiding behind trees and anywhere you can find refuge, running, or being shot at, you should probably sit this one out.

Picture: KwaZulu-Natal Tourism

They also have the flying trapeze for R170 per person, extreme cable tour for R630 per person, quad mountain ride for R760 per person, target shooting for R120 per person, and bubble soccer for R120 per person.

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