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By Vukosi Maluleke

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Top mobile money-making apps in SA

Mobile phones have enabled users to earn a living through online platforms.

Cellphones have become powerful pocket devices capable of performing sophisticated transactions, meanwhile presenting lucrative opportunities to earn a decent living – at one’s fingertips!

Here are some top mobile money-making apps in SA.

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Fiverr is an online market place connecting freelancers to clients and vice versa. The platform is completely free to join, with no subscription fees – however, Fiverr takes 20% commission for each successful sale of services.

Users can price their services from as little as R94.48 to R18,802.01. The online platform facilitates the buying and selling process, with payment made directly to the user’s account for withdrawal.

The platform is popular among graphic designers, photographers, digital marketers, writers, IT programmers and audio producers.

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The American-based e-hailing app has gained popularity in the last 10 years, especially among South Africans in urban areas, who rely on the service to get around hustle-free.

While Uber provides convenience to commuters daily, the app enables thousands of drivers and transport owners to put bread on the table – from the income generated from rides and deliveries.

Signing up is straight forward:

  1. Sign up online
  2. Complete your safety screening
  3. Upload documents which include a valid SA Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) and Driving Evaluation Certificate (only required in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban).
  4. Get a vehicle
  5. Activate your account and start making money.

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Social media platforms have become more than about posting perfect pictures and funny videos, but a convenient money-making tool for content creators.

According to Epidemic Sound’s Future of the Content Creator 2023 Economy report, TikTok emerged as the top social media platform for generating income. YouTube came second, and was followed by Facebook.

The report based on a survey of 1 500 monetising content creators, also revealed that most social media creators relied heavily on TikTok to make money, with 28.6% citing the platform as their primary source of income versus 7.3% for Instagram.

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Upwork is also an online freelancing platform bringing freelancers and clients together. Both are required to create accounts and verify banking details before they can start trading.

Finding gigs on Upwork is fairly easy. Once your account has been set up, with all the boxes checked – you can browse through hundreds of gigs and bid for ones relevant to your skillset.

Getting paid is also straightforward, with funds paid directly to your Upwork account once you’ve completed your client’s task.

Journalists, writers and copywriters are among some of the freelancers using Upwork.

Basic membership is free, with freelancers paying 10% service fee on their earnings.

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Benefits of using trusted online platforms

  • Reduced risk of getting scammed: most reputable platforms have strict identity verification processes in place.
  • Secure payment systems: banking details verification often required.
  • Saving time: you can conveniently meet potential clients on one platform.

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