Genevieve Vieira
1 minute read
29 Jun 2015
8:12 am

Mi Casa to play on world stage

Genevieve Vieira

South African house group Mi Casa has dominated the South African music landscape for some time.

Mi Casa

Formed in 2010, the group achieved unparalleled success from the word go and continue to go from strength to strength, churning out hit singles like there’s no tomorrow.

Each day, the threesome continues to aim higher – their latest feat is breaking into international markets. In so doing, the band have organised an international tour which will result in them performing in countries throughout Europe and the US.

When asked what the difference is between local shows and an international tour, lead singer J’Something explains: “This tour is aiming at commercial success. Unlike doing one or two shows in Scotland or Spain for instance, which is never as effective, we’re going into this with a proper strategy in place.

“From day one, we’ve had a clear plan, with the first two years focused on building our South African fan base. The two years that followed focused on building our African fan base and now the next two years will be focused on building an international fan base.”

Having noticed more and more international radio stations and online platforms playing their music, Mi Casa realised the time was right to tour and they used social media insights to select which countries to visit.

With J’Something’s Portuguese heritage, Portugal makes up a large portion of the tour.
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