Cassper Nyovest compares himself to Jesus and Mandela

Jesus. Madiba. Cassper. It all makes sense now ...

Hip-hop stars aren’t exactly known for being humble. In a genre that prizes bling, egos, bragging and more bling, arrogance is something of a prized asset.

Leave it to Cassper Nyovest to raise the bar in this regard. After a fan called him out for being a show-off, Nyovest clapped back, telling the complainer to look into getting a new role model.

At this point, another fan stepped forward to defend Cassper: “I wish everyone could just appreciate the man the way he is.”

“He is a revelation to our generation,” the fan gushed, “and we should be protecting him instead of shaming him. Long live king Mufasa live long.”

It appears these words of praise had a profound effect on Cassper, prising open his cool facade and letting the world see the colossal ego that exists beneath. Replying to his fan, Cassper noted that like Mandela and Jesus (yes, Jesus), who were hated, he is also hated. If anything, he said, the hate validated his greatness.

The reactions on Twitter came fast and furious:

Far be it from us to point out that Hitler was hated, Stalin was hated and Pol Pot was hated too. Instead, let us bask in the glory of the great Cassper. One day he may plug his ego into the national grid and we’ll never need Eskom again.

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