Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
15 Jul 2021
2:45 pm

Cassper’s call for ‘leadership’ met with receipts from Zuma ‘tea meeting’

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Cassper Nyovest's critique of Ramaphosa has been taken with a pinch of salt, after a picture with him with Jacob Zuma resurfaced.

Cassper Nyovest and former president Jacob Zuma in February 2021. Picture: Twitter

There is a saying that the devil works hard but not as hard as Twitter “investigators”, and Cassper Nyovest is getting familiar with lesson.

He already foresaw that his comments against the looting would be criticised and he was right, just a day after releasing a statement pleading for President Cyril Ramaphosa to show “real leadership” and stop leading the country through the “TV”.

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He further stated: ” I need to pick my words carefully because this situation is so sensitive. South Africa has been a ticking time bomb…Too many lives have already been lost, we plead for our president to show real leadership! Stand firm and show care for his nation.. not just iPad speeches on TV. I don’t have any great solutions but I do believe that you can’t run the country from the TV. Our community leaders and executive please connect with people same way you do during elections.”

One Twitter user pulled out an old picture of the rapper meeting former president Jacob Zuma, insinuating that Cassper’s criticism of Ramaphosa had an ulterior motive.

The picture was taken earlier this year when Zuma was having his “tea meetings”. It is unclear what the visit was for but it seems to have taken place in February, when the picture originally surfaced.

Cassper’s fans were divided on what he said, with some insisting that he should rather offer solutions than criticise the government.

Tebby Mosawawa tweeted: “I’m rather disappointed Cassper. Why wait now to use your ‘powerful voice’ to call government out. What you are doing is to justify what is happening, intended or not. The timing of you ‘powerful voice’ is really bad. And to compare looting to elections … wow.”

Cassper was well aware of the criticism.

“Can’t ever win with people. I spoke out and said my part doe [sic]. All I do now, I block and move..”