Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
2 minute read
7 Oct 2021
9:10 am

Actress Rolanda Marais transitions to blonde for mystery role

Renate Engelbrecht

In recent social media posts, 'Binnelanders' actress Rolanda Marais has shared her transition from brunette to blonde, with some quirky vintage hats and looks to kill.

Rolanda Marais with her blonde hair for a new mystery role. Picture: Compiled from Instagram

Rolanda Marais, is known for her impeccable acting skills and her brilliant taste in vintage attire and décor, but that’s not all. She is also fearless when it comes to changing her hairstyle and hair colour.

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Followers and fans would have noticed that the Silwerskerm winner has been wearing her hair in a natural brunette, shoulder-length cut with stylish bangs for a while now, which is why the immediate change from brunette to blonde might let you look twice.

The actress has been sharing her surprising transition lately, from dark brunette to a very light blonde, and followers are excitedly keeping an eye on her “coming over to the light side”.

The transition comes with a new, mystery role, about which she doesn’t have much to say except: “I don’t think I am allowed to talk about it yet.”

Marais flaunts her new, blonde locks in what she seemingly feels most comfortable in – vintage hats, thrift jackets and mom jeans – and effortlessly pulls off her new look while encouraging curiosity among fans about the new series she is about to start filming.

Known for her roles in Trackers and Poppie Nongena, Marais has been seen in various hairstyles over the years, often transitioning from brunette to blonde. She wore her hair in a long, brunette blonde in 2015 and in 2017, the actress wore her hair in a dark brunette pixie cut.

Marais also shared a photo on Instagram earlier this year, where she is wearing an oversized 80s sweatshirt and a long, blonde bob on the set of the 2017 movie, Johnny is nie dood nie.

In the end, letting go of her famous fringe might have been the toughest part of the transition though. She now sports longer bangs, stylishly styled sideways and pairs it with the most unique and creative, vintage outfits.