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‘Walking in the streets is not the same anymore’ – Thabiso Rammusi on how ‘Adulting’ changed his life

He portrays the character of Mpho on the show.

Adulting star Thabiso Rammusi said starring on the show has completely changed his life.

The actor plays Mpho on the show, one of the four best friends who are trying to find love and success.

Thabiso said scoring the role of Mpho was nothing short of a blessing, but it has also brought some challenges.

He explained: “Every place you walk in, people start noticing and talking. That’s been challenging for me because I’m a family man in real life, but the love has been amazing.

“It’s really changed my life. We didn’t think it was going to be at this level. The love I’ve been getting is just on another level. Walking in the streets is not the same anymore.”

Speaking about bringing the character to life, Thabiso said being a family man helped him execute his role.

“I have kids, which made it easy for me to connect with the kids I’m acting with on set, get them to relax, and find chemistry. Even with Lungile Duma, who plays Zithulele, I felt like the relationship part was easier to portray since I’m married in real life.”

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Lessons learnt

Thabiso said the role has also taught him a few lessons, including honesty. He added: “Mpho has taught me to be honest. He’s taught me to be open and have more conversations with my wife. I think it’s when communication breaks down that everything falls apart.

“If there’s something that’s bothering you, speak to your partner. When I look at Mpho’s life, I realise that the amount of lies he keeps on telling becomes a burden to him and brings a strain into his marriage.”

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