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#AskAMan: Dineo denies calling listener stupid on air

Metro FM DJ Dineo Ranaka has some advice for men who wish to continue listening to her #AskAMan segment.

Metro FM’s Dineo Ranaka has denied calling a listener “stupid” live on air after inviting listeners to call in and weigh in on her show’s wildly popular #AskAMan segment.

An anonymous woman called in to the station to lament her situation with her cheating husband in the show’s advice segment.

Judging from his timeline, Twitter user @leboganglethuba can’t get enough of #AskAMan as he tunes in regularly and shares his opinion on the callers’ situations.

“#AskAMan, why are majority of women so stupid. Why would you practice another man’s cultural stuff while he doesn’t do yours. Come on woman yerre” wrote the user in a since-deleted tweet.

Ranaka, who saw the tweet during her show, responded to Lebogang live on air and Twitter users who were listening took exception to her response. Another Twitter user came to Ranaka’s defence after having seen the tweet she was responding to by highlighting Lebogang’s original use of the word stupid.

Ranaka weighed in on the discussion on Twitter and put her foot down about men being disrespectful and verbally abusive towards women.

She then explained her use of the word “stupid” while responding to the Twitter user about #AskAMan was a reclamation project in reference to what Lebogang was implying in his tweet.

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Ranaka then left the Twitter user with a piece of advice to help him better navigate #AskAMan in future.

Metro FM DJs have in the past come under fire for how they speak to listeners. We wonder if this means Ranaka will get the chop.


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