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Brenda Mtambo threatened after disagreeing with Bishop Mosa Sono

Musicians are not impressed with the bishop after saying that, in the church context, they should be treated the same as car guards.

Musician Brenda Mtambo has irked Grace Bible Church leader Bishop Mosa Sono’s followers after disagreeing with a statement he made during a recent sermon at his church. The statement became a subject of debate on social media after more artists shared their thoughts on it.

In the clip, the bishop says: “We had great instrumentalists who were serving here but because some of them are musicians, they needed to be paid. There is nothing wrong with that, I must say, but I’ve always been aware that our church is growing, and we have many churches now. If we’re going to start paying instrumentalists, it’s not sustainable, comrades.

“Not only that. In our church, we survive through volunteerism. That’s the DNA of Grace Bible Church. To me there’s no difference between a musician and a parking attendant. They’re all volunteers. The only difference is that instrumentalists volunteer and you see them on stage but it does not mean they’re more important than anybody. We have people in our church who are here early in the morning and late at night, all kinds of departments. For your information, as I’m speaking now, we have a medical doctor on duty. Usually we have more than one medical doctor on duty for EMS.”


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Mtambo, being the one who reshared the clip on social media, was the first to comment.

She responded: “I don’t sing at church or serve or anything. This, however, is disturbing me. Imagine the time and skill these musicians bring to be compared to car guards… don’t attack me but I disagree with all due respect.”

Kelly Khumalo also commented: “Aaaaaaaaah this is rubbish,” while actor Tsholo Matshaba said: “I cannot believe this … the “instrumentalists” … as if anyone can pick up an instrument and start playing like a professional … they are musicians … they are artists… they honed their skill, through years of practice, discipline, education … and they must volunteer.”

However, Pearl Thusi said she understood the statement differently.

“I honestly I understand what he means and in the context of church volunteers. I don’t think he was disrespecting singers but the point is that if he pays one, then he must pay all. Disclaimer: I don’t go to this church and have been to church for a long minute,” she said.

The bishop’s statement has divided social media users, with some backing him up, while others, including artists, disagreed with him.

Mtambo also received the harshest criticism from the bishop’s followers, with some even warning of “trouble” should she continue with the criticism.

She shared a screen shot of a threatening email from one of those who were irked by her statement.

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