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Royal news: Evangeline Lilly’s strange obsession with King Charles’s ear lobes

In this week's royal update 'Ant-Man' actress Evangeline Lilly revealed she has an obsession with 'Old English gentlemen's' ear lobes.

In this week’s royal news update, Kate Middleton and Prince William show their competitive side, actress Courteney Cox responds to Harry’s Spare claims and actress Evangeline Lilly’s weird obsession with a certain body part of King Charles. 

Latest royal update

Kate and William’s competitive side 

The Prince and Princess of Wales, Kate and William, were on tour over the last few days in a country where they now hold their titles. 

The royal couple were spotted in parts of Wales meeting the community, attending a national rugby game and getting their competitive juices flowing. 

William visited the Welsh rugby team in Cardiff in the build-up to a Wales vs England game over the weekend for the Six Nations Championship.

The prince paid a special visit to the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust, stadium staff and all the volunteers who help make the game extra special. 

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The core focus of their trip was championing volunteers. 

On Monday, Kate and William were photographed at a spinning class, smiling as they visited a leisure centre. 

Kate beat William at the spinning challenge as she walked away with a cute trophy. 

WATCH: Kate beats William at a spinning class

This video is no longer available.

“What a wonderful day in South Wales today!

“Leisure centres like the one at Aberavon are at the heart of our communities and play such an important part in helping us all lead a healthy lifestyle – including through regular spin classes. 

“At the Wales Air Ambulance Charity, the new family room will play a vital role in supporting families, nurses and volunteers. It’s safe spaces like these that help our emergency workers who do so much to keep us safe, 24/7,” they shared on their official Instagram page

Courteney Cox distances herself from Harry’s drugs claims

Sitcom classic Friends actress Courtney Cox wasn’t too happy after Prince Harry claimed in his best-selling book Spare that he had a “delightful trip” after discovering a box of magic mushroom chocolates in her fridge during a party. 

Cox told Variety that Harry did stay over at her home for a couple of days when he was in his 20s, however, she wasn’t aware that there were magic mushrooms. 

This video is no longer available.

When asked about the claims, she responded: “Yes, it’s gotten back to me about it. I’m not saying there were mushrooms. I definitely wasn’t passing them out”.

The actress said she hasn’t read the book, however, she may listen to the audiobook of Spare. Apart from the controversy, Cox said Harry is a “nice person”.

Evangeline Lilly’s strange Charles fetish

Ant-Man actress Evangeline Lilly has found appreciation for something the press and public have been making fun of – King Charles’s ears. 

It has been portrayed over the years by the media in comic strips or illustrations of the exaggeration of the monarch’s ears. 

Lilly confessed that she has a strange obsession with touching people’s ears and said Charles’s low-hanging ear lobes are at the top of her list to touch. 

WATCH: Evangeline Lilly explains her ear lobes obsession

This video is no longer available.

Appearing on the The Jonathan Ross Show, Lilly said: “The best ear lobes are really old English gentlemen’s. They hang way down. I’d go for those in a minute. Come on! I would”. 

She explained the obsession isn’t sexual but rather that she likes “the met of the lobe”.

“I just like to fondle it. It’s not sexual,” she said. 

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