Former Miss Rwanda shares her Thabo Bester experience

Former beauty queen reveals being invited to South Africa for a $3M deal after reading about 'Facebook Rapist' in the media.

Jolly Mutesi, a former Miss Rwanda title holder, has opened up on social media about her experience with Thabo Bester, also known as the “Facebook Rapist”, and Dr Nandipha Magudumana.

According to Mutesi, they attempted to persuade her to go to Cape Town for a falsified Netflix show with a salary offer of $3 million per year.

How the job came about

The ex-Miss Rwanda 2016, who is now an entrepreneur, received an invitation from Arum Holdings with Magudumana as the CEO and Bester (also known as TK Nkwana) as the chairman.

According to her statement, she was told that she would be presenting the show with reality star Kylie Jenner and successful musician Drake.

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Scepticism over the job

Jolly Mutesi expressed her doubts about the reason for her selection and the company’s response was that they required someone from East Africa to appear on the show, and she matched the required profile.

Although she was thrilled about the chance to showcase her abilities to a global audience and the prospect of earning $3 to $4 million annually for a three-year contract, she still had doubts and was hesitant.

“As a hustler that believes in the Holy Bible, my instincts told me to look through it with a fine tooth comb. I requested the company profile, official invitation and hotel booking, [I then] presented it to authorities to seek advice and help me to know how legit it was,” she said.

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Despite being an introvert, Jolly Mutesi said that she places great importance on networking, as she subscribes to the belief that one’s net worth is directly linked to their network.

Mutesi shared in her post that she had received advice not to proceed with her plans, as thorough research on the company registered to Thabo Bester and his girlfriend had raised suspicions of fraudulent activity.

She expressed her appreciation to the Rwandan Embassy in South Africa for intervening and potentially saving her from any unknown harm planned by the duo.

Moral of the story

Following a frightening encounter, Jolly Mutesi advised young people to conduct thorough research on any opportunities that come their way.

“Dear young ones, especially those in the limelight, as you are out here fending for yourself, please be vigilant about whoever presents an opportunity to you.

“Not all that glitters is gold. There are crooks out here with cognitive empathy without compassion. Always seek advice. Stay safe y’all,” advised Mutesi.

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Thabo Bester arrest

Thabo Bester in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court. Picture: Supplied.

Thabo Bester and his partner, Dr Nandipha Magadumana, were apprehended on 7 April 2023, in East Africa, around 10 kilometres outside of Arusha. They were taken into custody after they tried to escape from the hotel where they were staying.

Zacharia Alberto, a Mozambican who is suspected to have facilitated Bester and Magadumana‘s escape by driving them across various borders, was also apprehended with them.

The couple was caught dramatically, after being on the run for nine months from the authorities who had been monitoring their movements. Upon their arrest, they were found to be carrying several passports with multiple identities.

Thabo Bester is currently remanded in custody and will be back at the Bloemfointein Magistrate’s Court on the 16 May 2023.

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