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‘I’m looking forward to getting back on set,’ Carlo Radebe after receiving public support

The actor, who became popular as lead on e.tv’s drama, 'Backstage' in the noughties as the powerful club owner Duke Ngcobo, has been struggling to make a living.

Veteran actor Carlo Radebe is grateful for the support he received after it broke out last week that he is struggling to make ends meet and said he’s excited to get back to acting.

“What you have shown me over the course of several days, since the release of my statement-guided by my friend Mauritz Neethling, rallied by his devotion to my wellbeing, has no words… I thank you kindly too from heartfelt devotion to pay it forward perpetually,” averred Radebe on his Facebook.

The actor – who became popular as lead on e.tv’s drama, Backstage in the noughties as the powerful club owner Duke Ngcobo –has been struggling to make a living according to his friend Mauritz Neethling, who broke the news of Radebe’s struggles.

“Unfortunately for Carlo, he has not been able to get back on his feet, and currently finds himself in a situation where he is struggling to sustain himself,” read Neethling’s post.

“Evicted from his former residence, he is currently residing in the back of a remote smallholding outside Joburg. Relying on a government grant of only R350 per month, you can understand that this is no way to afford him the means to get himself out there and back on casting agents radar and to let him send video audition clips let alone to feed himself or even take phone calls or have data to send or receive emails.”

The post by Neethling included Radebe’s banking details, for his fans to deposit funds into.

“I am looking forward to getting back on set and shooting. By God’s Grace all will be well. I thank all the shoutouts and certain individuals who have galvanised on their platforms. I owe you nothing. Humbling. I thank you again,” said Radebe over the weekend.

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Carlo Radebe gets help from DNA

On the weekend the Duma Ndlovu Actors’ Academy (DNA) confirmed that they had tracked down Radebe, after putting out a call to help find him after news of his struggles broke-out.

“We would like to thank all of South Africa for helping us find Mr Carlo, we are happy to report that we found him last night, bless your heart,” read a brief statement from DNA.

DNA was founded by renowned television director and producer Ndlovu in 2015; Ndlovu is the creator of popular shows such as Muvhango, Imbewu: The Seed and Uzalo.

“Established with a vision to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, we are a pioneering institution dedicated to shaping the future of theatre and filmmaking,” DNA is described on its website.

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