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Lusanda Ngcobo: From a viral TikTo video to working with Uncle Waffles

Lusanda Ngcobo became an internet sensation after her TikTok video performing an OutKast song went viral. She's now working with Uncle Waffles.

Following her viral video on TikTok where she recreated a classic hit by OutKast, Lusanda Ngcobo has now been featured by amapiano DJ and artist Uncle Waffles in her new single Echoes.

Together with Lusanda, the song has contributions from R&B singer Manana and ghost producer Tony Duardo.

About a week ago Lusanda’s TikTok video of her singing a slowed down version of OutKast’s Hey Ya went viral, being watched by millions.


heyyyy yaaaa #fypシ


Speaking to The Citizen the 22-year-old said she created the video out of boredom. “I was at home on vacation from university and my mum was working from home, so I didn’t have much company. So the way I keep myself company is by scrolling on YouTube, singing songs I really like,” Ngcobo said.

“I’m so blown away, my goodness. The comments and feedback I’ve been receiving has been so beautifully overwhelming. I can’t believe how touched people are from this cover,” Lusanda told The Citizen last week.

“I’ve been going to studio and having as many sessions as possible. I am a student so whenever I get a  chance or a gap in my schedule, I’m making my music. I’m thinking about my music and I’m planning my projects! I’ve heard the requests for music from me and I hope to deliver my best work – all in due time!” said Lusanda.

Her contribution is now part of Uncle Waffles’ upcoming project An Asylum of Solace.

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New Uncle Waffles music

“My baby is officially dropping, I have held on to it for a while but y’all finally get it,” wrote Uncle Waffles on her Instagram account.

The song is part of An Asylum of Solace, set to drop later this month.

“We’ve come to part 2 of my double-sided project. This project is a curated musical version of my journey, feelings that can only be shared through music, coming into almost two years since my life completely changed. The first part of this project, Asylum, was a representation of the chaos in my mind trying to grasp, learn and run within this,” shared Waffles.

“How I’d feel like, I was drowning some days but had to soldier on. The reality of going head first into such a beautiful industry.”

Waffles wrote that Solace is a representation of the grace that followed her and gave her peace and happiness.

“It represents an unexplainable feeling of gratitude that this journey chose me. With a few samples, also shows how I’ve been musically inspired over the years, and how it can all still tie in together.”

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