Sbahle Mpisane lied about having amnesia after her car accident

The fitness bunny said she lied about forgetting Khune so that everyone could leave her alone to focus on her healing.

Fitness bunny and social media influencer, Sbahle Mpisane, confessed that she never had amnesia after her car accident.

Taking to her Instagram live, which was later shared on YouTube, the fitness bunny opened up about her previous relationship with professional football player, Itumeleng Khune, which ended some time after her car accident.

For the longest time, Sbahle said after her accident she did not remember who Khune was, and had no recollection of their relationship due to amnesia which she got from the accident.

In the Instagram live, the 28-year-old media influencer revealed that she had lied about the amnesia to get people off her back about her relationship with Khune, and that she definitely remembered who the soccer star was, because he often visited her in hospital.

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“After the accident, I didn’t try to fix anything with Khune. I only said that because you wanted answers, imagine. I was going through a very fragile state and I felt like that was not something to focus on, or for y’all to be bombarding me with.

“So I just said I have amnesia and I don’t remember him, but obviously I do remember him. I spoke to him every day while in hospital. He would come to visit me a lot. We were cool and everything.  So in relation to people saying ‘she remembers everything but she doesn’t remember Khune’, I was just fooling y’all,” said Mpisane.

Mpisane also mentioned that she and Itumeleng broke up in December 2018, and that the main reason for their break up was the fact that she pretended to have amnesia, which made it easier for the soccer star to move on from their relationship.

“He is dating someone else. I bid him farewell in December (2018) and told him that so he could move on peacefully. I don’t have any issues with him. We didn’t fight over it. We said goodbye,” said Mpisane.

Some time in April, the fitness bunny opened up about her car accident for the first time in an interview she had with YouTuber Owamie Hlongwane.

Sbahle revealed that she was involved in the accident with her friend and that the friend was responsible for the accident.

“My friends and I went out, and we were all driving back home. The accident didn’t happen because I was drinking and driving, there was a situation and unfortunately, the cameras were not working.

“Something happened and I have come face to face with the situation, but I am grateful to be alive,” said Mpisane.

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