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‘Stick to music,’ Prince Kaybee told, after he argues against F1 returning to SA

Reports this week suggested that F1 may return to Kyalami, however, F1 fan Prince Kaybee argued South Africa has bigger concerns to worry about

Formula One fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation that the motorsport event is returning to South Africa, however, one local celeb thinks the country has bigger problems to worry about. 

Award-winning music producer Prince Kaybee, who is an F1 fan himself, shared his opinion on reports that the sport may return to Kyalami, after F1 CEO and president Stefano Domenicali met with Kyalami owner Toby Venter this week. 

In a series of tweets, motoring forum Motor Magnet alleged an apparent deal to bring Formula 1 back to South Africa for the first time since 1993 had been signed.

F1 has not confirmed the reports, however, seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton has endorsed the idea in the past. 

If this does happen, it could see massive development for the Kyalami track and bring a high number of tourists every calendar year. 

Prince Kaybee argued there is no need for all of this. 

“I don’t see the need to bring Formula 1 in South Africa at Kyalami when there’s so much unemployment and education is still not free. To host an F1 race is close to [R]600 million or more. Why spend so much money over a weekend that’s [going to] benefit a minority,” he said.

His tweet gained plenty of traction, as some people agreed with him while others said it could be a good move and suggested the artist “should stick to music” instead of airing his opinion on the matter. 

Those in support of F1’s return to SA said the event is organised and funded by the private sector and no government money would be used, insisting it will help the hospitality and tourism sector. 

Kaybee wasn’t buying it, maintaining that some countries haven’t benefited when hosting a Grand Prix.

“The Malaysian government spent 67 million dollars to host an F1 race with little return, they had to cancel it,” he tweeted. 

Malaysian GP was cancelled in 2017 after falling ticket sales and high hosting fees.  The sport, however, has seen a re-emergence since 2019, which has largely been attributed to the Netflix series Drive to Survive.

After much consideration, Prince Kaybee conceded just one point from his argument. 

“I must admit, the Circuit of the Americas made $3.6 billion in revenue from 2012 to 2015 to the Austin Metro area, but that’s not the case for a few other countries, they run a loss.”

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