No taboos Kenny Kunene’s naked sushi party (gallery)

Kenny Kunene partied up a storm at the Taboo Nightclub in Sandton on Friday night as the former politician - known as “The Sushi King” - celebrated his 44th birthday.

Themed “Nyotaimori”, he indulged in the Japanese practice of eating sushi off the bodies of a naked women.

Hundreds of people hovered over the tables where Kunene’s models laid, pieces of sushi covering their private parts.

“This is an experience of a lifetime,” Kunene said to the excited audience. “Every single man in here wishes that they could eat sushi off a naked woman.”

“Nyotaimori [the act of eating sushi off a naked woman’s body] is done all the time in Japan and in many other countries,” Kunene told The Citizen earlier this month. “There is nothing strange about it.”

Some partygoers even stood on top of the tables to get a better view of the action and capture it on their phones.

“You can look and take pictures, but you cannot touch my girls,” Kunene emphasised on Friday night before inviting a few of the onlookers to have some sushi with him. After just a few minutes of sushi eating, Kunene and his entourage of women – dressed in all white – went off to party with the crowd. Kunene was followed by a string of photographers and a television crew.

“This is going to be a movie,” he joked.

This is the first of a series of sushi parties that Kunene will host around the country. “Sushi parties are my thing. When I was in politics I could see that no one was able to fill my shoes in the party scene so I decided to come back to doing what I do best.”

Kelly Khumalo performed and Kunene took over the DJ desk at Taboo as expensive drinks flowed all night and early into the morning.

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