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WATCH: Fed up Liesl Laurie hits back at pregnancy speculations

"Leave my womb alone..."

Former Miss SA and model Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni has shut down speculations that she is pregnant.

This comes after a fan commented on one of her social media posts, claiming that the model is expecting.

In a video addressing the issue, Liesl urged people to stop policing women’s wombs and keep their opinions to themselves.

“So, I actually can’t believe that I have to sit down in my car and educate people. Leave my womb alone. Leave other women’s wombs alone,” she emphasised. “If you are a woman who keeps commenting rubbish on my posts and saying ‘she is pregnant’… stop it.

“I just feel like you guys want to be seen, and this culture of wanting to be the first to out someone, whether it’s their new relationship or whether they are expecting, or they have lost a job, whatever it is… You guys need to stop it. When women are ready to tell you whether or not they are pregnant… They will do so within their own time.”

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Liesl addresses pregnancy rumours

While Liesl acknowledged her weight gain, she also firmly stated that she is not pregnant and urged followers to refrain from making assumptions.

“Leave me alone and stop bullying me and saying specific things about me that I have not released. If I have gained weight, which I know I have, that’s fine. I have gained weight because I am happy and I have money.

“But what you are not going to do is mess around and play around with my womb, my anatomy, and anything else that is already difficult enough as it is because of being a woman, and you want to add to that. So, yes, I have gained a couple of kilos, I am also 33 years old, and I don’t wish to be weighing 48 kilograms like I was in my 20s,” she added.

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