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WATCH: Robot Boii on what happened between JazziQ and radio producer following sexual harassment claims

The incident happened in May this year.

In a recent episode of Popcorn & Cheese, Robot Boii shared what happened between JazziQ and YFM producer, Ngcebo Mcobothi, who has accused JazziQ of sexual harassment.

Robot Boii, who was present during the incident, explained, “We got to the place, and she was wearing a blanket-type of dress. My bro [JazziQ] said: Yoh, you look warm.”

He said that after this, they entered and exited the lift to proceed with their interview. However, he did not say what happened inside the lift.

Meanwhile, narrating the incident on X without mentioning names, Mcobothi claimed the harassment occurred in the lift.

“I’m so triggered! Not me being sexually harassed by one of your faves after rejecting his advances. This guy literally grabbed me by the waist, trying to kiss me ngenkani [forcefully]. I had to push him away from me, and we were in a lift,” she wrote.

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JazziQ denied the accusations

Through his legal team, JazziQ, real name Tumelo Manyoni, denied the allegations. His lawyers stated that after the accusations surfaced, they requested CCTV footage from YFM’s station manager.

However, they say YFM informed them that the lift does not have cameras. In response, JazziQ’s team released their own video footage from the premises.

The video shows Mcobothi entering the building and the lift with JazziQ and several others. JazziQ’s lawyers stated that he was never alone with Mcobothi in the lift. They said there were at least five other people present.

“Secondly, Mr JazziQ and Ms Mcobothi were never in close proximity as she entered the lift before him. Him being the last to enter means he was also closest to the elevator doors – with no less than five other people between them. Finally, the lift was travelling just one floor up, a distance that took a few seconds at best.”

YFM issued a statement distancing itself from the allegations. The radio station said Mcobothi is a freelancer and her views do not represent the station.

“We would like to place on record that Ms Mcobothi is an external producer and freelancer to Y. Her actions do not represent the views or actions of the company, nor does Y have any control regarding what Ms. Mcobothi posts on social media,” the statement read.

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