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WATCH: Thuso Mbedu gives actress Lorraine Moropa her flowers, literally

Thuso Mbedu gate-crashed an interview on YFM to give fellow actress Loraine Moropa her flowers, literally.

In what seemed like her last days in the country, Hollywood actress Thuso Mbedu, in an impromptu move, gate-crashed a live interview on YFM to give actress Lorraine Moropa her flowers, literally.

“I’m grateful that I was able to show Lorraine some love as she celebrated the premiere of her latest project. Her heart is one of the biggest and purest I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing,” wrote Mbedu in her ode to Moropa in a post.

Moropa’s project that Mbedu refers to is The Life of Mandoza which premiered on BET on Wednesday.

Moropa plays the character of Mpho, the late Kwaito star’s wife.

“I was just a huge ball of emotions today. Thank you so so much to my Big Sis Thuso Mbedu for taking time out of your crazy schedule and gracing me with your presence, surprising the life out of me,” said Moropa. Actor Wiseman Mncube has the responsibility of portraying Mandoza on the BET TV series.

“To be honest it’s shocking and scary but at the same time I’m honoured,” said Mncube in an interview about playing Mandoza. “Not anyone could get this chance to wear him. It’s a blessing.”

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Thuso’s time in SA

“As I look back at this I realize that this was the perfect way to end off a weekend where so many people – friends, family and strangers – poured so much love and support into me,” wrote Mbedu in an Instagram post. “I don’t even know where to begin to convey my gratitude.”

Thuso Mbedu has been in the country to judge Miss SA. She has used this time to catch up with some old mates, including Robot-Boii.

She shared a post reminiscing on the first time they met about five years ago, when the multi-entertainer was working at independent radio station, Massive Metro.

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