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‘Where is MaNgwabe?’: Fans notice her absence in ‘uThando Nesthembu’ talk show

Fans think polygamist Musa Mseleku's fourth wife MaNgwabe has left him after she didn't appear on new talk show 'Igumbi Lamakhosikazi'.

Fans of the country’s most famous polygamist wives in uThando Nesthembu are concerned that MaNgwabe’s no show on their new talk show may have a deeper meaning.

SABC announced in January that the famous sister wives will have a 13-episode talk show called Igumbi Lamakhosikazi.

The polygamist wives of businessman Musa Mseleku are MaCele, MaYeni (Nokukhanya Mseleku), Makhumalo (Thobile Mseleku) and MaNgwabe (Mbali Mseleku).

The promotional picture and video have been posted by SABC 1, but fans have noticed that MaNgwabe is missing.

MaNgwabe and Musa’s relationship was rocky during season five of the family’s reality show. The polygamist was unhappy that his fourth wife was always busy, and according to him not having time for him.

MaNgwabe was completing her nursing qualifications and then working as a full-time nurse, meaning her availability dwindled.

Musa also wanted a third child from her, but she was not interested in having more children. Viewers suspected that MaNgwabe’s no show in Igumbi Lamakhosikazi was because of her job, however there were suspicions that MaNgwabe may have left Musa, something that was hinted at last season.

However, the family has remained mum on the rumours, as Musa has continued to show support for his wives online.

MaNgwabe was more outspoken against Musa’s behaviour, especially his attempts to get a fifth wife. Viewers sided with her against the petty drama from the other wives, particularly MaCele.

Added to that was Musa’s statement that he would never defend MaNgwabe because “no one wrongs me like she does”.

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The first episode of Igumbi Lamakhosikazi aired on Monday night at 9pm. The three women, MaCele, MaKhumalo and MaYeni, discussed polygamy and the impacts it has had on them personally.

Next week the conversation will turn to in-laws and what involvement they should have in the lives of married couples.

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