Former ‘Generations’ actor blasts exploitative ‘Black Panther’ filmmakers

Marvel’s Black Panther has been the most talked about film of 2018 so far and it seems as if everybody has an opinion on it, including local actor Fana Mokoena.

The former Generations star is no stranger to the Hollywood film circuit. He has acted in blockbusters such as World War Z, Hotel Rwanda, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Several South African actors were recruited to the cast of Marvel’s Black Panther and their roles have been widely celebrated by the local masses, who hailed the film as the perfect representation of black and African culture. However, Fana Mokoena is not convinced that it’s the big, black victory that people have made it out to be.

 In a long, well-worded essay, the actor shared his pride in the achievements of our local talent (including the musicians on the sound track) but stopped short of celebrating the film’s success.

Fana wrote: “I’m proud indeed, but am I celebrating? The answer is an emphatic no and my reasons are a few. I’m not celebrating because once more, Hollywood has played its hand in exploiting black film for its own end and black people have once more fallen for the carrot.”

He elaborated on what he feels was an attempt by white Hollywood to hijack black and African culture for commercial success
“A white company in Hollywood suddenly develops a conscience about the lack of a black superhero in the Hollywood estate and fights the good fight for all Africans and the diaspora? Reality check. Once more, Hollywood has colonized the history of our struggle. This time they did it in the most callous way. They have destroyed the narrative of a struggle movement and through the power of money and media, replaced it with a frivolous fantastical film that has no bearing whatsoever on what happens in the daily lives of Africans who they claim to represent (sic).”

You can read Fana Mokoena’s full essay below:

Do you think the actor has raised fair points in his criticism of Marvel and Black Panther?

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