Renate Engelbrecht
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6 Jan 2022
4:17 pm

Just launched: Drugs, violence and love in brand new series ‘Die Put’

Renate Engelbrecht

A gripping new Afrikaans series has just been launched on eExtra promising lots of drama and danger.

'Die Put's' first season is now on eExtra. Image: Facebook

What better way to enter the new year than with a brand-new series? Die Put, a Turkish series produced by Ay Yapim, has just been launched and offers viewers more @Kuiertyd time.

Directed by Sinan Öztürk, it is an acclaimed series with four seasons completed. Die Put is set in the dangerous Istanbul neighbourhood Çukur and revolves around a ruling mafia family and a prodigal son who needs to return home to save his family. Of course, there is also a beautiful girl and some romance in addition to the drama, danger and family secrets.

Viewers can expect a gripping first season of Die Put, with the Koçova family (a family that is often closely related to crime) that rules the neighbourhood of Çukur. The Koçovas have their own set of rules and one of these is that drugs cannot be produced, used or sold in Çukur.

In the series, the newcomer, Vartolu is determined to break the ban and after his initial attempts to negotiate with the Koçova family is rejected, he attacks the family and the neighbourhood. But, just as he thinks he has broken the Koçova family and brought them to their knees, something unexpected happens.

Die Put
Die Put’. Image: Facebook

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Yamaç, the youngest son of the Koçova family, is played by Aras Bulut, who also played Mert in Vierspel Vuurspel. The actor is expertly voiced in Afrikaans by Martin Venter.

Yamaç is a rebel set on escaping the gangland and has worked hard to live his life free from his family, on his terms. One night, he meets a girl called Sena (played by Dilan Cicek Deniz and voiced in Afrikaans by Greta Pietersen) – a wounded soul who is just as dangerous as himself.

They fall in love and get married and while dreaming about their ‘happily ever after’ his family forces him to return to the life he had left behind, as he has to take over the reigns from his father.

Sena follows Yamaç back to his roots and meets his family, but the two newlyweds are unaware that their lives will never be the same again and that Yamaç will never be able to leave again.

In the Afrikaans version of the series, Susanne Beyers is the voice of the matriarch, while Sultan and Albert Maritz do the voice of character Baykal.

Craig Adriaanse gives an Afrikaans voice to the character, Celasun, and Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, who recently hung up her ‘Dowwe Dolla’ heels is the voice for the character Nedret Koçovali.

Other Afrikaans actors whose voices can be heard in the series include Dean Balie (Meke), Tinarie van Wyk-Loots (Hale / Young Meliha Sancakli) and more.

Watch the first season of the Afrikaans series, Die Put, on Mondays on eExtra at 21:30.