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“African queen” Makhadzi bloomed as Sunflower on The Masked Singer South Africa

On Saturday night, the identity of Sunflower on 'The Masked Singer' South Africa was revealed.

Sithelo Shozi, known as the “No. 1 Lady Detective” on The Masked Singer South Africa, proved to be the sole investigator with the skills to uncover the identity of the performer who set the stage on fire as a vibrant Sunflower.

She confidently identified the talented and acclaimed “African Queen” Makhadzi, a multiple-award-winning hitmaker and influential trendsetter, as the one behind the sassy disguise.

Sithelo’s squad mate, Somizi Mhlongo, came very close to guessing correctly but had a last-minute change of heart, suggesting Zahara instead, just before the final revelation.

Comedian Moshe Ndiki, filling in for J’Something, who was away on a personal trip, also leaned towards Zahara as the Sunflower’s identity.

However, “sergeant” Skumba Mhlope remained unwavering in his guess, having been adamant about Mercy Pakela since the fiery flower’s initial performance on the show.

The ongoing mystery of sunflower: clues and performances

In the current stage of the competition, only eight masked singers are left. Sunflower, Fox, Lion, and Lollipop showcased their talents this week.

In the upcoming episode, Doughnut, Rhino, Tree, and Elephant will take the stage, hoping to win the popular vote and maintain their secret identities.

In the latest episode, Sunflower and the show’s mysterious “Men in Black,” divulged more obscure clues about her background through a pre-recorded segment.

She also wowed the audience with a captivating rendition of Destiny by Malaika.

The three recurring detectives thoroughly analyzed all the clues provided by Sunflower in her previous performances, combined with the latest revelations.

Key pieces of evidence in the case included references to Limpopo, taxis, her past as a child star, and issues related to money.

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Unmasking Makhadzi

Initially, Sithelo was thrown off track by Sunflower’s deep, rounded voice, leading her to consider Hlubi Mboya as a potential candidate.

However, the presence of a license plate and a particular soundtrack in the latest clue package prompted Sithelo to narrow down the options to either Sho Madjozi or Makhadzi.

Sithelo then delved into her knowledge bank, carefully weighing the evidence against the suspects.

As she learned that Makhadzi began her career at a young age, performing and dancing at taxi ranks, and had a penchant for helping people, everything seemed to click into place, making Makhadzi a more plausible contender.

In a previous episode, the panel dismissed J’Something’s suggestion that Sunflower’s voice might belong to a male singer.

However, this week, Skhumba briefly toyed with the same idea and considered Khanyi Mbau as a possibility before ultimately returning to his initial guess for the season: Mercy Pakela.

Revelations and surprises on The Masked Singer South Africa

On his inaugural day on the job, Moshe initially associated Sunflower’s caring demeanour with “healing through song,” leading him to consider Winnie Mashaba, a gospel artist hailing from Limpopo.

However, a surprising twist occurred when the “Men in Black” delivered fan mail containing a crucial tip-off to Sithelo. The fan revealed that Sunflower was adored by the people of a nation represented by the sky blue and white flag.

Sunflower herself provided an explanation, stating, “I am an African; I own my being to the hills and the valleys.” Upon hearing these words, Moshe changed his mind, now leaning towards the country girl, Zahara.

When the time came to announce the voting results, Sunflower displayed signs of nervousness and even shed tears. Before she had to unveil her identity, Somizi joined Moshe, both confident in their decision to lock in Zahara as their final guess.

Once unmasked, Makhadzi expressed her delight in successfully fooling Somizi. The experience also allowed her to have fun and step out of her comfort zone, as she had to perform cover songs instead of her own compositions.

“I challenged myself as an artist to see how far I could go,” she shared.

The Masked Singer South Africa airs on SABC 3 on Saturdays at 18:30 and on SABC 1 at 20:00. Additionally, there is a repeat broadcast on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 21:00.

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