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AKA wishes #TheBraaiShowWithCass ‘continual success’

While AKA was throwing down the gauntlet, Cassper was lapping up all the praise heaped on him by viewers of #TheBraaiShowWithCass.

Although rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has decided to forge ahead with his legal challenge against The Braai Show’s producers, he has wished #TheBraaiShowWithCass “continual success.”

AKA shared his good wishes for the show in a statement shared to Twitter on Wednesday just hours before the first episode of his former show aired with his rap rival in the driver’s seat.

In the statement, he explained that his legal challenge against the show’s producers “has always been about business principles and asserting my rights to my intellectual property”.

According to the rapper, there is a “binding contractual clause that clearly states that myself and MakhuduCom are equal split partners to The Braai Show“.

He reiterated how he took what he called a personal decision to step back from all public engagements and day-to-day business to heal, and informed his business partners in the various ventures he was part of that this was in no way a sign he was not committed to his ventures.

“Never did I foresee a partnership with such personal connections and affiliations would be the one to betray me the most,” added the rapper.

AKA further claimed he had reached an agreement with the show’s producers in August, shortly after filing an interdict against them and the SABC, in an effort to curtail the broadcast of #TheBraaiShowWithCass.

“The parties subsequently met on 25 August 2021 at the request of the legal representatives of MakhuduCom for yet another round table discussion. In good faith, I agreed to this as it has always been my intention to reach resolution with now legal proceedings.”

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He then claims that as soon as he withdrew his interdict, as previously reported by The Citizen, MakhuduCom went forward with the showm without giving him any credit – something AKA has taken great offence to.

He even accused MakhuduCom of “exploiting” his and his legal team’s good faith for “tactical purposes.”

“Many artists have gone down the route of letting go of legal battles such as this, and thus we suffer and end up with no ownership of our work.

“It is for this reason that I continue to fight this injustice to my creative vision and the violation of my trust, as it is clear to me that the continued exploitation of the creative industry in this country will see no end.”

“I wish continual success for The Braai Show and its host for season two. After all is said and done, it’s just business,” concluded AKA.

Fans react to #TheBraaiShowWithCass

While AKA was throwing down the gauntlet and setting precedents, The Braai Show’s new host was lapping up all the praise heaped on him by viewers of the first episode of the show, featuring former Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi.

Fans even joked about a possible romance between the pair, after seeing some chemistry between them.


He was also given credit as an executive producer on #TheBraaiShowWithCass, something AKA is willing to go to court for.

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