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Uthando Nesthembu returns: Mseleku’s 5th wife attempt is still causing tension in the family

Musa Mseleku four wives sat down for a meeting, with MaCele even writing an agenda list for her sister wives to sort out their issues.

One of Mzansi Magic’s most popular shows, Uthando Nesthembu returned for season six on Friday evening with much drama with Musa Mseleku’s wives.

Since airing in 2018 the four polygamist wives of businessman Musa Mseleku have managed to keep the audience interested in their lives and family dynamics.

The polygamist’s wives are MaCele (Busisiwe Mseleku), MaYeni (Nokukhanya Mseleku), Makhumalo (Thobile Mseleku) and MaNgwabe (Mbali Mseleku).

The first episode of season six aired on 1 Magic on DStv and showed how the family’s patriarch attempt at a fifth wife is still causing contention in the family.

Mseleku went on a date with his first wife MaCele who wanted the topic of a fifth wife to be put to bed. She told her husband, that wife number five either needs to be introduced to the family or not.

MaCele also said Mseleku’s family meetings have become intense and contentious. The polygamist said they had to be because his wives aren’t open to honest conversations and truth-telling.

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This led to MaCele deciding to host her own meeting with her sister wives without their husband.

The episode proceeded to see how the fourth wife, MaNgwabe is coping with the issues she had in the previous season. Many viewers would say MaNgwabe was disinterested and disillusioned with her marriage with Mseleku. Fans also thought she would leave her husband as she was tired of the fighting and family dynamics.

In the new season not much has changed, however, she did say she still loves Mseleku. MaNgawabe’s mother raised her concerns that Mseleku did not properly wed their daughter, and that he hasn’t followed through with certain martial traditions. A problem that will be raised once again this season.

When the sister wives’ meeting occurred, with even an agenda list written by MaCele, the tension and discomfort between MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe was visible.

MaNgwabe alleged that MaKhumalo’s father was disrespectful to her children, an allegation MaKhumalo denied. The two couldn’t see eye to eye with Makhumalo saying MaNgwabe can’t let things go.

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