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Ciara meets SA’s hottest new export, Uncle Waffles

A video showing Ciara and Uncle Waffles dancing to her song 'Yahyuppiyah' has racked up millions of views in a few days.

South African Amapiano princess Uncle Waffles is riding the high of her career-making appearance at Coachella by hanging out with music industry heavyweights in the United States. 

She topped the middle of her week by appearing in a video alongside musician, Ciara, who is fond of making videos with musicians that she loves. 

“Met @ciara” she simply said in a caption of the video on Twitter to which Ciara replied “Uncle Waffles and CC issa vibe.” 

In the video, the pair are doing the trendy TikTok dance set to Yahyuppiyah, a hit song that the young DJ worked on with Justin 99, Tony Duaro, Pcee, Eeque and Chley.

At the time of writing, the video had over 900,000 views on Twitter and 3.2 million views on Instagram.

This is the second time the DJ has trended at this level in recent weeks after she became the first Amapiano DJ to perform on one of the main stages at the esteemed international Coachella music festival.

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According to her publicity team, she kicked off her USA Tour by re-introducing the Amapiano genre to the Coachella audience. 

This comes after the achievement of her 2023 Project Asylum being certified Gold. 

Official videos of her set started trending on Twitter early last Saturday morning in South Africa, as she put on her first stellar performance on Friday evening in the US. 

Her set was complete with all the choreography and high energy she has come to be known for. 

“Despite experiencing some technical difficulties during her 9 pm prime-time slot, she mastered on and delivered on the same authentic Uncle Waffles experience we all know and love her for,” added her team. 

“On Saturday she was introduced as the surprise act on the Do-Labs stage to an unsuspecting audience. Yet again the crowd loves her high-energy performance securing her a spot in the history books.”

Uncle Waffles closed off the weekend with a killer set at the Coachella afterparty at Zenyara.

She returned to Coachella the following weekend for her fourth performance at the festival.

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