‘Gcina Impilo Yam’ hitmaker DJ Cleo graduates from Wits

DJ Cleo refused to quit and had a lot to prove to himself, persisting through difficulties and obstacles to achieve his goals.

DJ Cleo, whose real name is Tlou Cleopas Monyepao, recently earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wits University.

In a post on social media, he shared details about his personal journey, expressing his gratitude for the accomplishment while acknowledging the difficulties he faced along the way.

“My heart is full of emotion, the journey was long and tough, there were moments when I almost cried, feeling overwhelmed by the assignments, workload, loss of income due to the pandemic, divorce, heartbreak, and many other things,” said the artist.

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Perseverance is key

The music producer acknowledged that failure is often a part of the path to success.

He emphasised that giving up was never an option for him, as he had too much to prove to himself. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, he remained determined and kept pushing forward towards his goals.

“All these hardships were a great threat to my progress, comfort and ease of life was a greater threat. As I stand here with my degree in hand, I realise that I am stronger wiser and more resilient than I ever thought possible,” added the star.

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DJ and Music Producer DJ Cleo. Picture: Instagram.
DJ and music producer DJ Cleo. Picture: Instagram.

History of academics

During the past few years, DJ Cleo has pursued studies in sound engineering and also completed short courses in property investment.

Prior to his admission in 2020, DJ Cleo used social media to express his intention of returning to school and acknowledged that he had neglected his academic pursuits for two decades.

For three years, DJ Cleo had to navigate a balancing act that involved adapting to various new circumstances, including being the oldest student in his class and attempting to integrate with his peers.

DJ Cleo opens up about his depression

A common experience among successful individuals is encountering difficulties and setbacks, and this is also true for this musician.

DJ Cleo delved into his personal life, which had a negative impact on his academic performance, and he had to cope with depression while overcoming these challenges.

According to Zimoja, Cleo faced difficulties in paying his tuition fees as he had experienced significant loss of income resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“I struggled with paying for fees due to the pandemic and I lost a big chunk of my income. All the available funds had to be redirected to sudden emergencies and other areas,” said Cleo.

The award-winning artist also disclosed that his grades in 2021 were significantly impacted by depression resulting from his divorce.

Eskhaleni podcast

DJ Cleo revealed that his new podcast, named Eskhaleni Podkhast, is set to launch on 1 May.

He offered fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from the podcast.

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