Thami Kwazi
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6 Mar 2019
1:04 pm

How to remove pigmentation and get glowing skin

Thami Kwazi

The Lightsculpt IV therapy replenishes your body’s glutathione level for a healthier and younger-looking skin.

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Going to a bar for an intravenous (IV) drip may sound like something right out of a sci-fi movie, but this is the reality we now live in and, to all barflies, it has nothing to do with liquid libation and has everything to do with the new era of beauty treatments.

New beauty spas, known as drip bars, now offer clients the option of having ingredients introduced directly into their blood stream to treat hangovers, infertility and even skin pigmentation – the latter proving hugely popular among clients such as former Miss SA Claudia Henkel, who swears by the IV skin therapy.

Speaking to The Citizen, Henkel, who has suffered from melasma, also known as chloasma faciei (a dark pigmentation caused by pregnancy), dispels myths that glutathione is just for lightening skin.

Why did you go for the treatment?

I heard about Lightsculpt [Aesthetic Clinic] and was very interested in the pigmentation aspect as I’ve battled with this problem for 14 years. None of the other treatments I had tried seemed to help until I started on the IV combination of pure L-Glutathione, facial peels, and derma needling.

How long did you have to do the treatment?

My treatment for pigmentation is ongoing, as it’s important to treat the pigmentation but also to maintain it, which is done through the IV and aesthetic treatments. Once the pigmentation is affectively treated, there are less frequent visits just to maintain your skin.

How has it benfitted you?

The results have been incredible. In the past I would never leave the house without make-up because of dark circles around my eyes. Now, I go out with a makeup-free face. The treatments and the IV also leave you with a glowing, fresh skin.

What’s the recovery process like?

After treatment, you can’t go into the sun without very high SPF cover. It’s important for everyone to wear a hat and high SPF lotion when out in the sun for long periods of time.

What exactly is glutathione and can anybody benefit from the new therapy?

Glutathione, also known as L-Glutathione in medical terms, is a natural antioxidant that’s present in our bodies from birth but depletes over time due to age and other life stressors. This means it needs to be supplemented at some point.

Dr Matheo [de Villiers] from Lightsculpt’s Rosebank branch says a shortage of glutathione exposure to pollution, smoking, the sun and hormonal change speeds up the aging of skin and leaves it looking drab and unhealthy. The antioxidant will reverse the harsh effects that the elements may have on your skin.

Given the negative publicity, and rightfully so, that skin lightening has received in recent times, Matheo stresses that the Lightsculpt IV therapy is not a skin-bleaching treatment but a means of replenishing your body’s glutathione level for a healthier and younger-looking skin that’s free of marks.

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