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28 Sep 2020
10:54 am

Decor :Taking collaborations forward

Citizen Reporter

Inspired by the streets, conceived in the studio, expressed in the home.

Image: Supplied

Task Interior Styling, led by award-winning interior designer and businesswoman Mali Langa, has long championed the impactful dynamic of collaboration. Their latest project, the Task Interior Styling Signature Range Opulent: Oudh of Africa, is an epic exploration of creative collaboration, serving as a template for the creative economy post-Covid 19.

 Taking collaboration to Task The call to action reads: “Advocating for innovation through collaborating with the right team, enabling creativity and innovation to flourish.” Art The brief was to explore what the word “collaboration” can mean in today’s world. To celebrate Langa’s love for colour, a street art mural was conceptualised and commissioned in Cape Town which would showcase exactly that. Enter Serge One, a graffiti artist who creates visual masterpieces in and around Cape Town.
“Between Mali Langa and myself we wanted something that celebrated her love of fluid colours in an artwork while incorporating a patterned design which resembled a deconstruction of the Task geometric logo,” said Serge. “I originally found some images of different colours of paint flowing into one another and designed a vector of blocks and shapes that was meant to allude to the complexities of interior design and the building blocks of putting together a beautiful aesthetic design.”

Image :supplied

A high-resolution image was taken of the completed mural, reworked and refined to produce the final graffiti artwork expressed in the Signature range’s product packaging as well as couture, decorative art and fabrics for the scatter cushions.
Fashion For some time, Langa and couturier Diaan Daniels have been talking about collaborating on designing fashion items which embody Langa’s colourful aesthetic. “Diaan’s couture garments always evoke that sense of vava and he truly understands the Mali Langa style.
Finally I had the perfect inspiration,” said Langa. With Diaan’s understanding of the female form, fashion and technical tailoring, combined with the Täsk graffiti design, he and Langa created two outfits, currently in production, to sell as an experiment on the concept of fashion-meets-interiors. “Working with Mali Langa is full of drama. However, that drama doesn’t affect her humble, distinctive and devoted personality, but instead blooms in her style, excellent taste, and natural understanding of opulence.
We understand each other, and that’s how we turn heads every time,” said Daniels. Design “At Task Interior Styling, as we create tailored spaces through innovative style choices, we are imminently aware of the evolution of design. “It has always been important to us that our clients feel good when occupying a space and, as we move beyond aesthetics, we enter a new realm of sensory indulgence, delivering a luxury experience to our customers,” said Langa.
This is the inspiration for the recently released Interior Styling Signature Range: Opulent Oudh of Africa. The range, which includes a luxury scented candle, reed diffuser, room spray and hand wash and lotion set, are styled to be designer elements on their own, together with their fragrances, which includes Oudh, the most desired perfume ingredient in the world. Other products will include scatter cushions and decorative wall art.
With the rise of the “power collab” globally, Langa and her team, Serge One and Daniels, have definitely and definitively discovered their creative collaboration edge: one that is “inspired by the streets, conceived in the studio, expressed in the home”.

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