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9 Jul 2021
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Hit or miss? SA stylists weigh in on Kim Kardashian’s new look

Lerato Maimela

Twitter seems to have a lot of naysayers who are not a fan of Kim Kardashian's new look, claiming that she 'really did need Kanye'... ouch

Kim Kardashian. Picture: Instagram

Kim Kardashian, Skims founder and Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s star, has made some changes to her wardrobe following her split from hubby Kanye West and as much as some have said her post divorce glow is amazing, others are not feeling Kim’s new look.

During the couple’s happier days, West was reportedly the one behind Kim’s daily outfits. Now they have gone their separate ways, the star’s wardrobe seems to be less of Yeezy and more of “I’m just going to be doing my own thing”.

We have picked five of Kim’s recent looks she posted on social media and have canvassed the opinions of South African fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee and Lifestyle print editor Thami Kwazi to weigh in on these looks.

Is Kim Kardashian’s new look a hit or miss?

Look one

Gert-Johan Coetzee: My absolute favourite. I love how she has themed it. I think it’s very beautifully put together and I love that she dressed for the occasion. When you’re in Europe and when you’re in Italy, it’s nice that people go the extra mile and theme it a little bit.

Thami Kwazi: This is very sexy. She has kept it to one colour. She is showing her abs. She is showing far more skin. Her lengths have gotten shorter. She was quite instrumental in bringing the pencil skirt just over the knee to everyday fashion. In about 2015, stores were influenced by that, even local stores started stocking more pencil skirts in everyday looks. It looks like she is moving away from that in more of her pictures. We must also pay attention to the pose. Arms up, arms open. She’s saying “I’m open, I’m here, I’m fresh, I’m new”. Despite what naysayers may say because she’s no longer styled by Kanye any more, but she is looking fantastic. She’s looking free, she’s looking like the old Kim before Kanye came into her life. She looks like she’s loving life.

Look 1
Kim Kardashian. Picture: Instagram

Look two

Gert-Johan Coetzee: I love this skirt. I loved it on the runway, and I love it on Kim. I think its a great style, it’s beautifully put together. I love how young she looks here. I think it reminds me of what the girls are wearing on TikTok at the moment. I think she’s trying to look a little younger and she’s definitely succeeding. She looks gorgeous.

Thami Kwazi: Kim’s general silhouette when she started dating Kanye has always been very monochrome and not motifs. She has a pattern on her leather skirt. Motifs were never a thing. there was never going to be a pattern of sorts on anything she wore. This is definitely a switch up from the old Kim who specialised in wearing nudes, blacks and greys. Kim did influence the past nude trend that has been going on for the past four years. This look is quite a left turn from what she usually does. She never would have done that when she was with Kanye.

Look 2
Kim Kardashian. Picture: Instagram

Look three

Gert-Johan Coetzee: This one for me is gorgeous. It is all just snatched and beautifully done. I love the sandals she chose to pair it with. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I think it’s quite cute, especially the red little bag.

Thami Kwazi: This look screams “I’m single, I’m living my life, I’m enjoying my life, I’ve got a great body, check it out”. The animal print is very attention grabbing. It’s very eye grabbing, as opposed to just having a plain brown print which she would have done before. Also the sandals…Kim has always been mule based, stiletto Christian Louboutin based. This is very sex goddess, I’m sexy, I’m here. Very far away from what she has been doing the past four years.

Kim Kardashian's new look
Kim Kardashian. Picture: Instagram

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Look four

Gert-Johan Coetzee: I love the way that Kim has paired the orange with the little bag and the coat. The car she was in also had the orange interior. I love how she’s bringing themes across and just matching everything together. I think it’s a fresh update. It reminds me of Kim Kardashian before Kanye. It’s just way more updated. I do think she’s going out the box a bit. I’d like it to be reeled in just a little bit so that it’s a balance between the old and the new Kim.

Thami Kwazi: This look is very much in tune with the old Yeezy style. It’s basically two colours, which is what he liked, very subdued. The black obviously making a statement. Very classy type of thing. The fou or fur jacket is very New York lady going about her business, even though Kim is not New York and is very LA. It’s a very Kanye type of classic outfit, which is maybe her still enjoying those looks now and then. She’s playing both sides. She’s opening her doors to both types of fashion.

Look 4
Kim Kardashian. Picture: Instagram

Look five

Gert-Johan Coetzee: This look for me is trying a bit hard. There are too many focal points on it. I would have loved to see it styled differently. I like the baseball cap, but I don’t like it with the print on the dress. So that was clashing for me a little bit.

Thami Kwazi: This look is 100% a side step from Kanye’s style. Kanye is not into bright patterns. He’s not into dresses that say see me see me. He likes very muted tones. There’s nothing muted about this. This is loud. This is very middle America here I come, including the cap. The cap doesn’t match the dress. This is I’m making a statement, “I’m here”. Which is not what we usually expect from her. She wouldn’t wear a loud cap that did not match her dress and a dress that had patterns all over it. This is seriously “watch me, I’m here”.

Kim Kardashian's new look
Kim Kardashian. Picture: Instagram