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1 Sep 2021
5:39 pm

Dates, outdoor activities and recipes: 5 ways to usher in spring

Lerato Maimela

South Africans have been celebrating the first day of spring on the first day of September for years even though it's actually on 22 September.

Two bunches of peonies in the vases in the interior. Picture: iStock

Say goodbye to the winter blues and chilly weather and say hello to blooming flowers and the cheerful warmth of the season of spring.

Although the first day of spring is technically on 22 September 2021, South Africans have been celebrating the first day of spring on the first day of September for many years.

A popular tradition that is sorely missed in South Africa to welcome in the new, warmer season has been to throw buckets of cold water at passersby on the street.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been advised that people all over the world should try to avoid as much human contact as possible, making it a little impossible to carry out the spring day tradition.

There are, however, many other ways in which you, your family and your loved ones can celebrate the end of winter and welcome the spring season.

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Here is how you can celebrate the first days of spring:

Plant a garden

Gardening boosts the mood
Gardening boasts vitamin D and some exercise, with the bonus of some fresh herbs in the kitchen. | Picture: iStock

The season of spring makes way for new plants and flowers to grow. Grab the whole family out into the garden, plant, and create a beautiful garden that will blossom and bloom during the season of spring.

Go for a hike

Find the nearest hiking trail and take a scenic walk with your loved ones to smell the spring air and spot out the newly blooming flowers and plants.

Alcohol-free vacation
Hiking trail | Picture: iStock

Get to spring cleaning

Working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic can create a stressful and strenuous environment in your home. Declutter your work and personal spaces, as well as deep clean your entire home to welcome in the new season. This will also help to distress and clear your mind.

Try new spring drink and food recipes

The warmer season allows for the indulgence of colder drinks and lighter, much more fun meals. Get creative in the kitchen by trying out new recipes to enjoy with your loved ones over the seasons of spring and summer.

sunday kos
Coleslaw. Picture: iStock

Enjoy your meals outside, in the sun

A warmer weather allows for you to spend much more time outdoors, in the sun. Take your meals into the garden, or onto your patio or balcony to soak up the sun and take in the spring energy.

You can also pack a picnic basket as well as the family and head to the nearest park for a family picnic.