5 celebrity skincare tips for winter

Sunscreen, moisture, gentle products and a cleansing routine - there are just some of the skincare secrets your favourite celebs swear by.

The winter season can be harsh on your skin, leaving it dry and irritable But there is no need to suffer with bad skin during the cold weather.

These celebrity beauty secrets will leave your skin feeling and looking flawless.

Here’s a look at how some of SA’s biggest stars take care of their skin

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen like Bonang 

Many people believe wearing sunscreen is necessary when you going to the beach or on hot days, but just because it’s overcast, doesn’t mean the sun’s rays can’t affect your skin. Bonang Matheba knows all about this beauty secret.

“Always wear sunscreen, even in winter. You might think that the sun is not shining too brightly but it can be quite damaging,” she told True Love magazine in an interview.


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Stay hydrated like Boity 

Hot days in summer are a constant reminder for you to drink water, but it is easy to forget to stay hydrated in winter. Boity Thulo makes sure she drinks enough water throughout the day, regardless of the season.

“Water, water, water and more water. Hydrate and hydrate – hydration is your skin’s best friend. It’s very tough for your skin to survive very dry conditions,” she told Women’s Health SA.


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Use gentle products like Pearl 

There’s nothing Pearl Thusi hates more than dry skin. If you suffer with dry skin during winter, then the actress has a few tips for you. “My pet peeve is having dry skin or cracked lips so I always carry a hand cream and lip balm,” she told Beauty South Africa in a 2013 interview.

Pearl also revealed she uses an eight-hour cream skin protectant to keep her face moisturised.


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When it comes to selecting skin products, she believes the gentler the product the better.

“I love cleansers that are gentle and have microfoliants in them that give me a nice exfoliation. I try to stay away from harsh toners with lots of alcohol in them. My moisturiser is also very gentle. The more gentle the product, the better. I also started using eye-cream from an early age.”

Less is more like Tumi

Celebrities are known to wear layers of makeup every day, but Tumi Voster believes it is important to give your skin a break.

“Less is more. Keep it simple and natural. Never get used to makeup; it’s always important to give your skin a break on days where makeup is not needed,” she told Bona magazine.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise like LeAnne 

LeAnne Dlamini’s secret to taking care of your skin daily is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

“It’s pretty simple: cleanse, tone and moisturise. I barely go for facials or do masks unless I have free time or am feeling fancy at home,” she told W24.


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