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14 Sep 2021
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Three South African online beauty stores to try right now

Kaunda Selisho

Here are a few South African online beauty stores to bookmark for all your skincare, beauty and fragrance needs ahead of the 2021-2022 summer.

These South African online beauty stores were created by locals and stock local products for all your beauty, skin care and fragrance needs. Picture: iStock

Whether you’re the queen of all face beats or someone just looking to keep their skin looking good, there is no escaping how entrenched beauty and skincare have become in our lives.

Especially if you are an active or passive social media user. And thanks to algorithms, if you’ve watched one beauty video, you’ve watched them all.

It is through this beauty content that we discover (and covet) new products and now, we don’t even need to leave home to get them. With the built-in marketplace features on all our favourite apps, all we need to do is simply click on a tab, click on an item, enter some payment details and go through that anxiety-inducing waiting period before or purchases are delivered.

It goes without saying by now that lockdown and the need to avoid contact with other human beings has resulted in a never-before-seen boom for the global online shopping economy. 

South African online beauty stores established both before and after the pandemic were primed to take advantage of this. 

You see, good skincare and beauty take time and what better time to devote to these practices than under lockdown without the pressures of ordinary life. 

And now that the world is finding its feet under a “new normal”, it is time to take that skincare and beauty up a notch to show everyone your great new face.

South African online beauty stores don’t only offer makeup and skincare either, they also stock the most amazing fragrances. 

Check out a few of our favourite South African online beauty stores 

Beauty on Tapp

Beauty on Tapp is a mobile app that connects customers to beauty services in their area and allows them to shop for the best in local skincare and hair care. The platform was created by innovator and entrepreneur Mathebe Molise. 

Although the platform stocks a wide range of products for people of all skin types and colours, Beauty on Tapp is a particular favourite among a large number of black women who frequent South African online beauty stores. 

Swiitch Beauty

Founded by Rabia Ghoor in her bedroom when she was a teenager some years ago, Swiitch Beauty is a local cosmetics company that sources and creates products right here in South Africa. 

“It all began when I discovered this incredible thing on the internet, called YouTube. At the time there weren’t many South African beauty YouTubers, so I was primarily watching international makeup channels.

“I remember thinking to myself: ‘international makeup enthusiasts have so much more of a variety’ –  American, European or Asian brands that are unavailable here in South Africa were constantly innovating and evolving – (especially in the digital space), while South African brands lagged behind or just straight up didn’t exist,” wrote Ghoor on her website. 

The entrepreneur explained that she began researching everything that would help make hers one of the best South African online beauty stores.

This included things like; product sourcing, formulation, e-commerce, packaging, manufacturing, design with the end goal in mind being to create a beauty brand that firstly, didn’t break the bank and secondly, made things that people would actually use in real life. 

“I wanted to create an affordable, local product the South African girl/boy felt proud to purchase, and more importantly, proud to use. I guess most makeup that’s made isn’t made by the user, that’s what makes Swiitch special,” added Ghoor. 

She has since expanded her product range and grown her team and enjoys a strong support base from a variety of South African consumers.

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ARC Online 

The recently launched ARC has a flagship store in Sandton that is to-die-for.

Founded in 2020, ARC was originally an e-commerce store born from the belief that the world would be a more beautiful place if we embraced uniqueness and celebrated individuality.

As such, the store’s founders endeavoured to create a one-of-a-kind world of discovery that was more than just a beauty destination.

“It’s ARC’s mission to spark change. We’re modernising things and it starts with you, our customer. We believe that if you feel good, you’ll do good. Along with industry-leading service and innovative thinking, we’re kickstarting a new kind of beauty conversation; one that demands transparency, insists upon inclusivity and confidently throws the rule book out of the window.”

When it comes to South African online beauty stores that stock authentic Huda Beauty products at fair prices – ARC is the only store that currently does so. ARC also boasts products from brands like Lula Marula, Benefit Cosmetics, Mac, Dermalogica and Cold Pressed Skin, to name a few.

They also have an incredibly wide range of luxury fragrances for both the body and home in stock. 

“We are thrilled to be able to bring ARC to life, despite the difficult and unpredictable circumstances of the global pandemic. ARC is truly a first of its kind in South Africa so prepare to immerse yourself in our modern, energy-fuelled and beautifully designed store,” said marketing executive, Kelly Fung, who called the store a “beauty wonderland”.

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